Preparing for you treatment

Gina Templeman

8/12/20231 min read

ripped yellow paper showing woman's nose and lips
ripped yellow paper showing woman's nose and lips

Preparing for Your Treatment

Teeth whitening treatments are relatively straightforward, but there are a few steps you should take before you whiten your teeth. If you haven’t been to the dentist in six months or more, make sure to schedule your regular checkup before you make an appointment for your in-office whitening. Just like with any other cosmetic dentistry treatment, your teeth and gums need to be healthy before you can receive it. Visiting Dr. Allred for your regular checkup ensures he can catch and treat any oral health issues early. Additionally, while you should always clean your teeth thoroughly with a good oral hygiene routine, try to really buckle down on it in the days leading up to your appointment. We actually recommend that you eat shortly before your appointment, as you won’t be able to eat during your whitening treatment. Since eating softens enamel, however, try to eat at least 30 minutes before your appointment starts and make sure to floss and brush your teeth very well before you leave for our office.

If you have dental restorations, like crowns or veneers, it’s wise to consider them before you get an in-office whitening treatment. The porcelain material of dental restorations won’t change shades along with your natural teeth. Your teeth may have yellowed since you got your crown or veneer, in which case you may want to simply bring your natural teeth back to the shade of your restoration. However, if your restoration matches the current shade of your teeth or if you wish to whiten them beyond that shade, you may want to plan to replace it after you have whitened your teeth. This prevents it from standing out as an oddly yellow tooth in comparison to your newly bright teeth.

If you have any questions about choosing a shade or how your dental restorations will look in your mouth once your teeth whitening treatment is complete, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Allred at any time.